LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NO ONE is above the law, not the president and not his daughter
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Karis Begaye DUI 050918


It’s very sad when a tribal employee at the highest office in our tribal government, namely the Legal Counsel of the President’s Office, has been arrested for DWI charges that involved the destruction of a high-end tribally-owned SUV and then was allegedly given another tribal vehicle to drive even after her arrest.

The photos of the destruction of the SUV is tragic. It is even worse that she is apparently not facing any disciplinary action and remains on tribal payroll.

If it were any other tribal employee, they would be facing immediate adverse personnel action including possible immediate termination of employment.

NO ONE is above the law, not the president and not his daughter.

The Office of the President belongs to the Navajo people, and should not be stained by held to the highest standard of ethical conduct with integrity and honor.

Yet, such trust was broken by Karis Begaye’s actions. She showed poor judgment because there were allegedly multiple prior times she was arrested for the same offense. I want to bring this to light given the disparate treatment I received from the president. He used false allegations of mismanagement to coerce my resignation when I never violated any laws and when federal oversight reports from HUD and independent audits vindicated me.

Moreover, Ms. Begaye then reported to the Navajo Nati on Council about alleged criminal NHA activities which were also baseless

and unwarranted.

As it turns out, she is the one guilty of such criminal activity, and she acts like nothing happened. She is clearly the beneficiary of nepotism and preferential treatment by the president.

The president needs to lead by example by doing the right thing to keep the Office of the President and Vice President untainted as trustworthy stewards of our people’s assets and require Ms. Begaye to resign or be terminated from her post.

The responsibility also lies with the Navajo Nation Council to call out the Office of the President and Vice President in correcting the situation immediately. 

Aneva Yazzie
Former CEO of NHA Twin Lakes

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