Division of Economic Development Provides Technical Support to Honorable Council Delegate, Amber Crotty
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Division of Economic Development Provides Technical Support to Honorable Council Delegate, Amber Crotty

NEWCOMB, NEW MEXICO - Council Delegate Amber Crotty, who represents Cove, Toadlena/Two Grey Hills, Red Valley Tse'alnaozt'i'i', Sheepsprings, Beclabito, and Gadiiahi/To'Koi pursues technical support from the Division of Economic Development with regional development. Delegate Crotty’s initial goal is to bring her chapters along with surrounding chapters together to discuss economic plans for regional Development. Ernie Pahe and Ryan Holgate of the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development-Business Regulatory Department were on the agenda to present the Navajo Business opportunity Act, Navajo Priority Listing, and Navajo Corporation code. Shiprock Regional Business Development Office was also in attendance, Margie Dee and Sally Yabeny spoke on behalf of the office to give an insight on Economic Development benefits to the Northern region of the Navajo Nation. 

Alongside colleagues Douglas Capitan, one of DED’s newest additional personnel, presented and educated the public about designated Opportunity Zones on the Navajo Nation. Opportunity Zones are designated areas for business development, utilizing tax incentives for investors with a time frame of 10 years. There are eleven designated zones across the Navajo Nation. Mr. Capitan has been working with opportunity zones to better educate and advertise the benefits of these designated areas. 

For training, presentations, or additional information regarding the Navajo Business Opportunity Act, Opportunity Zones, or any of the offices within the division please contact the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development Office at 928.871.6544 or visit us online at www.NavajoBusiness.com. To add your business to a source listing for additional services to the Navajo Nation register at www.navajo.directory. 

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